For staff

Have you wanted to reach out to the children in your school who need help, but don’t know why they are really hurting? Child abuse can have detrimental effects on a child’s schooling, through mental health, behavioural and/or learning difficulties.

Karen has worked in the primary, secondary and tertiary sectors as a literacy and numeracy teacher and a school chaplain.  She has seen first-hand the impact struggles inside and outside of school can have on a child’s education.

Karen has experienced abuse in many forms.  As a child, she was afraid of her father.  She was bullied at school and then observed her own children, and her students, being bullied.  She has observed abuse of parents in the home and seen the long-term effects on their children.  Karen explains how to recognise different types of bullying, even in its more subtle forms, the long-term impact this has on children and their behaviour. 

She shares how the school bullies are often victims of abuse outside the school and how we can support them.

For parents

Are you concerned about how students are managing with the pressures of study?  14% of Australian children and adolescents, aged 4-17, suffer from depression (Australia Counselling).

Karen has observed the impact parents’ overly-high expectations can have on student learning.  As a parent, Karen fell into the trap of expecting her children to get into university, believing this to be the best option available.  Looking back, Karen can see the negative impact these overly high expectations had on her children's emotional wellbeing. 

Karen urges parents to support their children in ways that don’t add to the pressure they are already experiencing at school.  She encourages them to find constructive ways to walk beside  their children throughout their 13 years of school.

For students

Are your students hurting?  Are they holding onto secrets?  Children suffering abuse are often afraid to tell anyone, in case they are punished.  Karen reads stories to children and has warm chats with them about the importance of sharing with an adult.  She can work with whole classes or small groups, encouraging children to find an adult with whom they feel comfortable to discuss their fears.


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