karen 6 pp 350pxKaren suffered from epilepsy for many years and in 1998 had brain surgery. This resulted in her spending three months with God while recovering. Karen’s relationship with God grew immensely over this time. In 2008 Karen suffered from depression, as a result of workplace bullying. Through prayer ministry, God uncovered many areas of Karen’s past that needed dealing with and He taught her forgiveness. Karen grew to understand the greatness of God’s love. She now shares that story of His love and encourages others to draw closer to Him by surrendering their pain.

Working with the Disadvantaged

Karen taught literacy and numeracy to TAFE students who were homeless, abused, ex-prisoners, on drugs, and self-harming. From there she moved to a secondary college where students had severe learning difficulties, largely due to their upbringing. As a chaplain in a state primary school, Karen then worked with a large number of broken families, very young parents, third generation unemployed, and refugees. God has placed it on Karen's heart to reach out to the neediest people in our society. She shares these experiences with the disadvantaged and inspires us to reach out to them in love.

Following God’s Direction

Karen joined the worship team soon after becoming a Christian. Many years later God gave her a vision and she knew she was to start leading worship. Not being comfortable speaking in public, Karen had to rely on God for the strength to do this. She has also been given the gift of songwriting. In 2008 Karen felt led to start sharing these songs with other churches and to share her testimony. The ministry has grown from there. In recent years, Karen has felt called to write children's stories.  Karen challenges others to follow God’s direction and to lean on Him every step of the way.

Lighter topics

Karen can do a lighter set of stories, if preferred.  Some examples are dancing, bushwalking, and visiting an elderly grandmother. Each of these has a message of faith, and is ideally suited to outreach events.